Editor’s note: The following message was sent to all members on Friday, February 19.

Dear Member,

We know many of you have been dealing with extended power outages, water service disruptions, and other emergencies. This time of hardship is stressing our families and our livelihoods. Warmer temperatures are coming, but recovery from this hardship may persist for many weeks. Below are resources we hope can help in this time of need.

Take Care of Yourselves

It’s important to take care of yourselves in this challenging time. The Texas Lawyers’ Assistance Program is operating and available to assist any lawyer, law student, or judge who is experiencing depression, anxiety, substance use, or other mental health, wellness, or well-being concerns.

TLAP’s confidential services are available 24/7 by calling or texting 800-343-TLAP (8527). More information can be found at tlaphelps.org. We also invite you to take advantage of TLAP’s Support Toolbox, which has resources for remove living.

Court Deadlines or Delays

The Texas Supreme Court issued the following statement on Wednesday:

The court recognizes that many across Texas are facing weather-related outages. The court’s current 33rd emergency order is broad and allows all courts to modify or suspend any and all deadlines and procedures to accommodate those affected.

Winter Weather Resources

The Governor’s Office has compiled a webpage of winter weather resources that includes helpful links to information including public water system guidance and insurance tips following the storms, as well as donation opportunities. If a loved one doesn’t have access to the internet, he or she can call 311 in a Texas city or 211 in rural areas to find resources.

We hope you and your loved ones are staying warm and healthy.


State Bar of Texas