Your law firm’s website is a powerful tool for reaching potential clients. In order to get those leads, you need your site to appear at the top of the search results on Google.

Google Business Profile (GBP) is one of the best free tools available to help increase leads to your law firm. Optimizing your GBP profile will help you rank higher on Google, drive traffic to your firm’s website and can increase the number of leads you receive.

How to Optimize Your GBP Profile:

  1. Make sure you choose the most relevant primary business category.
    The primary category you choose is one of the most important ranking factors. For example, if you’re primarily a personal injury lawyer make sure to set your primary category to “Personal Injury Attorney” rather than “Law Firm”, “Lawyer”, “Legal Services” etc. This will help your law firm rank better for search terms like “car accident lawyer near me”, “injury lawyer” etc.
  2. Thoroughly complete your GBP profile.
    Google loves data and it helps potential clients know more about you. Make sure to add your business description, business hours, pictures, opening date, website, social profiles, etc.People search for all types of things, for example, someone might search for “personal injury lawyer open now” at 8 P.M. If Google knows you’re open until 9 P.M. it’s much more likely that your listing will show higher in the search results.
  3. Ask your clients for reviews.
    Reviews on GBP are one of the top factors Google uses to rank your business listing. As mentioned previously, Google loves data. Client reviews give Google the data it loves, and it can help you rank better in search.However, a big misconception is that Google only looks at the total number of reviews when ranking businesses. Google cares a lot more about the context of the reviews and how recent the reviews were posted. While you can’t tell clients what to write in their reviews, you can ask them to describe their experience, where the incident happened, and what the outcome of the case was, etc.

These are the basics of optimizing your GBP profile to increase leads to your law firm. If you’d like more help with SEO/Local SEO, GBP, or increasing leads contact Optimize My Firm here.