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Sponsored Content: Travel Inspires Law Career for SMU Spanish for Legal Professionals Professor

Many language students and professors travel for their studies. Not all find inspiration for seeking a second career in the legal field. Miroslava “Mira” Detcheva, a Senior Lecturer in Spanish in SMU’s Department of World Languages and Literatures, was inspired to pursue a second career in law while studying in Mexico and traveling throughout Latin … Continue Reading

Sponsored Content: Spanish Language Skills Increase Your Client Services and Your Practice’s Capacity

Attorneys and legal professionals who speak Spanish can provide better services to an important and growing segment of potential clients. More Texans claim Hispanic heritage than in any other state, except for California, and almost 30% of all Texans live in households in which Spanish is spoken. With specialized Spanish language skills, legal professionals can … Continue Reading

Sponsored Content: Improve the Law Firm Client Experience with Frictionless Billing

Originally published: People have gotten used to the convenience of electronic payments and online bills. Many studies show that the majority of people expect all types of businesses, including both retail and service providers, to offer a wide variety of electronic payment options. If your practice is committed to providing a 21st century law … Continue Reading

Sponsored Content: Law Firm Referrals Checklist: 5 Novel Ways to Get Clients and Get Paid

When it comes to running a firm, two of the most common questions presented are: 1. How can I get more cash in my pocket? 2. How do I get more potential clients through the door? The topics can at times intertwine but each requires a different plan of attack. So, you want to generate … Continue Reading

Sponsored Content: New Website Connects Legal Professionals with Court Reporters

Attorneys, Judges and their admins use to hire Texas CSRs for court proceedings and other events that require verbatim reporting, transcribing. ATHENS, TEXAS, UNITED STATES, December 17, 2020– Texas Court Reporters Association (TCRA) announces the launch of, a new website that is dedicated to connecting legal professionals with court reporters. was developed … Continue Reading

Sponsored Content: It’s Your Money—Go and Get it: Tips for Collecting on Your Outstanding Receivables

As the end of the year approaches, many attorneys find themselves in the uncomfortable and laborious position of trying to figure out how to collect outstanding receivables. This particular aspect of the practice is not the glamorous life that many attorneys dreamed of when they passed the bar, but it is absolutely critical to their … Continue Reading

Sponsored Content: How to Find Creative Blog Topics

Today, quality optimized content is essential for gaining visibility, attracting a wide range of site visitors, and ultimately, putting your brand above the competition. Increasingly, industry experts in search engine optimization (SEO) are attributing value to high-quality blog content and talking to its ability to increase a company’s online presence. The process of coming up … Continue Reading

Sponsored Content: Don’t Panic: Getting Paid in a Pandemic

Working from home orders and quarantine mandates mean that attorneys have had to adapt their practices to a new normal. When the COVID-19 pandemic reached the United States around March of this year, law practices in many areas of the country were forced to go remote. This (sometimes bumpy) transition raised many concerns for lawyers, … Continue Reading

Sponsored Content: Working Remotely: Tips for Law Firm Success

Thanks to advances in technology and a seemingly limitless number of real-time communication channels, the options for and success of remote working have exploded over the past five years. While some fields and professions have embraced these changes more than others (think engineering), professional service providers, including lawyers, haven’t been as quick to adopt remote … Continue Reading

Sponsored Content: 2019 Legal Trends Report: What Lawyers Need to Know

Legal publications across the web lit up with excitement when Clio’s latest Legal Trends Report was released in October 2019. The now-annual report was created in 2016 to provide a distinctly data-driven survey on the modern legal profession, with most of its insights coming directly from Clio’s install-base of over 150,000 users. Here, we’ll breakdown … Continue Reading

Sponsored Content: Marketing Yourself as an Attorney

Let’s face it, most people don’t really think about attorneys or the intricacies of the law until they get into legal trouble. Unfortunately, this can cause potential clients to ignore legal marketing or deem it unnecessary to their daily lives. In today’s rapidly changing business climate attorneys have to shift their marketing strategies to make … Continue Reading

Sponsored Content: Law Firm Cash Flow

By: Claude Ducloux Board Certified, Civil Trial Law and Civil Appellate Law, Texas Board of Legal Specialization, Director of Education, LawPay As a veteran of nearly 39 years of legal practice, I know the importance of cash flow. In my quest for financial security and success, I have perused every bar journal article, attended numerous … Continue Reading

Sponsored Content: LawPay unveils new 0% eCheck payment processing

Austin, TX, February 13, 2019 — LawPay’s easy-to-use payment solution was designed to help legal professionals accept online payments and improve cash flow. The company is now announcing even more ways for law firms to get paid. As of today, all LawPay accounts also come equipped with integrated eCheck payments. Users can now accept check … Continue Reading

Sponsored Content: Smokeball’s “Season of Giving”: Practice Management Software Company Continues Dedicated Efforts for Charity

On Wednesday, October 17, 2018, Smokeball kicked off a new charity initiative for Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA) for Children.  Smokeball is a practice management software company based in Chicago and Sydney dedicated to building software solutions for small law firms that result in less stress and more success.  Smokeball is also dedicated to working … Continue Reading

Sponsored Content: 2018 Clio Cloud Conference Highlights

The 2018 Clio Cloud Conference was an incredible event. With powerful keynotes, helpful educational sessions, and a big announcement that’s set to change the course of the legal tech industry, this just might have been the most exciting Clio Cloud Conference yet. This year, it was all about experience—creating a better experience for your clients, … Continue Reading

Sponsored Content: How is Cloud Computing Secured?

In today’s digital workplace, organizations are deciding to outsource services to the Cloud. Cloud computing is transforming IT, there are significant benefits to this which can introduce real cost savings and an abundance of flexibility to businesses. When choosing to move to the Cloud, IT services, data, and infrastructure are transferred to a Cloud Provider. … Continue Reading