At a 2023 SXSW panel discussion titled “Generative AI: Where Creative and Tech Innovation Meet,” panelists Megan Schoen, chief product officer of Shutterstock; Sarah Hoffman of Fidelity; Jake Kwon of LG AI Research; and Frederic Warner of United Nations ITU; discussed the use of AI in business and the implications that come from it.

The panelists, who were cautiously optimistic about using AI in their businesses, shared ways they use AI tools to complete work-related tasks and how it frees up time to do higher-value work.

“I’ve been using it to write my reports,” Hoffman said. “Basically, I have all things that I want to say, but figuring out what’s a good title for the report or what’s a good metaphor to explain this simply? Even questions as to what should my readers be thinking about as they read it.”

Panelists also discussed the main concerns surrounding AI and the implications that come from it. Concerns come from the lack of diversity in AI tools’ query results and privacy protection when it comes to sharing data.

Schoen detailed a recent conversation she had with an eventgoer during SXSW. “Just today, I was having a conversation with someone at our booth because they had someone come over and do a generative query, and the results were not diverse and representative. And the question was, ‘Why is this not diverse? If I query for a CEO sitting at a conference table, why am I getting all white men?’”

“It’s a really hard question to answer because the outputs of this technology are only as good as the inputs,” Schoen said.

Kwon mentioned how LG is using AI technology to redefine what creativity means. “The immense capability this technology has to synthesize billions of data points that the human mind cannot possibly perceive into something that’s human understandable, human-readable,” Kwon said. “Whether as a starting point for creativity, whether it’s to enhance productivity . . .”

The four panelists took questions from the crowd, including IP rights ownership, protecting experts in their respective fields, and communicating with their client base about using AI.

A member of the audience asked if AI would replace humans in the workplace. The panelists said that the goal of using AI is to support the productivity of humans to allow them to focus on the areas that matter to them most. However, another point was mentioned: People could lose their jobs if they are stuck on the idea of their role staying the same and not using AI tools to augment their role.

“You want to use AI to get your skills like professional designers or artists supported by generative AI,” Kwon said when clarifying his point of how AI should augment somebody’s role in the workplace instead of replacing the person.