The Texas Board of Legal Specialization, or TBLS, announced Wednesday the addition of aviation and insurance law to its board certification program. Both specialty areas will be added to the certification program this month, bringing the total number to 27 specialty areas available for attorney board certification.

“As the largest single-state certification program for lawyers in the U.S., our organization is thrilled to welcome these two specialties that Texas lawyers can now apply to certify themselves in,” TBLS Executive Director Leo Figueroa said in a press release. “The addition of these programs allows TBLS to provide even more options to current and future applicants who want to diversify themselves in their specialty areas of law. It also helps ensure clients that when working with an Aviation Law or Insurance Law Board Certified attorney, they’ll be getting counsel from a tested, respected, and proven lawyer.”

The Texas Supreme Court approved the creation of aviation law and insurance law at the end of 2022. Below are descriptions of both areas.

Aviation law is the practice of law dealing with issues affecting aircraft and airport operations, aircraft ownership, aircraft navigation and maintenance, air traffic control safety, pilot licensing and certification requirements, spacecraft, and outer space.

Insurance law is the practice of law dealing with the determination and regulation of issues arising in respect to various policies of insurance, including commercial general liability, or CGL; casualty; directors’ and officers’ liability; excess/umbrella; extra-contractual liability; employment practices; advertising injury; life, health, and disability; professional liability; environmental impairment liability; property; personal lines; title; marine; cyber; and reinsurance. Potential issues include coverage, regulatory, oversight, public policy, the sale of policies of insurance, what qualifies as an insurance indemnity agreement, and consumer protection. The practice can include dispute resolution, transactional work, counseling and advice, and regulatory work, among other areas.

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