Are too many leads falling through the cracks? Inefficient client intake workflows might be the culprit.

Law firms suffer from three issues:

  • Too little time to efficiently onboard clients
  • Insufficient lead tracking and intake reporting capabilities
  • Siloed intake processes and client matter management tools

If you want an intake process that turns your firm’s leads into clients, you need a process that helps you save time and provides a better intake experience. A robust legal CRM that offers marketing automation can supply solutions.

Solution #1: Streamlining Client Intake with Automation

Your attorneys and intake staff have enough on their plates already. It’s time to start putting legal intake automation to work.

Quick follow-ups

Your firm is 100x more likely to connect with prospective clients if you can send a response in the first 5 minutes. Using the client intake tools included in a legal CRM, your firm can send personalized, automated responses, follow-ups, and reminders before your leads move on with another firm.

Smart, logic-based intake forms

Your CRM should allow you to build out logic-based client forms to guide your leads through the process. Contact and intake forms should be mobile-friendly and easy to fill out. Anything that will increase convenience for leads will decrease the number of leads you lose from the intake process.

Logic-based forms can be configured to change their fields depending on case type and earlier responses, and they can even automatically qualify or disqualify leads. This reduces the number of fields your leads will need to fill in and helps you personalize the intake experience to the needs of every user.

Solution #2: Implementing Tracking and Reporting

Tracking your leads through the intake process can help you:

  • Identify where the leads who sign are coming from
  • Analyze lead conversion rate to find the ROI on your marketing efforts

Track your leads

The intake dashboard included in a legal CRM can track where your leads are in the intake process—and send automated reminders to keep things running smoothly.

Understand conversion rates

Your legal CRM software should generate robust intake reports to help you better understand conversion rates. They also allow you to break down your leads by source to see where your most qualified leads are coming from —and which are most likely to convert.

Fine-tune marketing efforts

Whether you work with a marketing firm or handle it in-house, intake reports help you understand which of your marketing efforts are bringing in leads that sign. Share your reports with your marketing team to help them fine-tune your marketing efforts and boost your ROI on marketing spend.

Solution #3: Integrating Workflows

Law firms use many tools to accomplish their tasks. Your client intake software should integrate seamlessly with them.

Save time with integrations

Boost efficiency and cut down on tedious tasks by integrating your CRM software with the other tools you use every day, such as:

  • Legal practice management software
  • Time tracking or billing software
  • Email
  • Document software like Office 365

Eliminate double data entry

With these integrations in place, you can automatically populate future forms and communications with the information you collect during the intake process so there’s less opportunity for errors.

Sign More Clients in Less Time with Law Ruler

Law Ruler’s robust CRM is specifically designed to help law firms optimize their client intake process. In addition to client intake automation, customizable reporting dashboards, and software integrations, Law Ruler offers:

  • Built-in softphone
  • One-click e-signature
  • Optimized cross-platform mobile app
  • Best-in-class implementation support

To see how we can help your firm streamline the intake process, schedule a demo.