In Today’s legal market, the practice of law is becoming even more competitive. Lawyers are continuously striving for any advantage to distinguish themselves amongst their peers. As a legal vanity organization, Lawyers of Distinction offers a wide array of options for Lawyers to find a competitive edge when it comes to marketing their services to the legal community and prospective clientele.

Lawyers of Distinction takes a multi-pronged approach to helping their members ‘Distinguish Themselves.’

One of the most useful tools provided by Lawyers of Distinction is their approach to harnessing the power of social media. Social media has taken off exponentially since first introduced and companies use the intrinsic value of social media to market their services to a continuously growing audience. Lawyers of Distinction uses its presence on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn to highlight the organization’s members and their legal achievements.

All members receive a customized welcome post across all of Lawyers of Distinction’s social media platforms upon joining the organization which serves to welcome the new member as well as highlight this honor to Lawyers of Distinction’s diverse community. Members are also able to highlight their legal accomplishments via individualized posts on Facebook and Twitter along with Lawyers of Distinction’s monthly newsletter. By showcasing their members across a variety of social media platforms, Lawyers of Distinction excels at aiding their clients standout among their peers.

Another exciting option for Lawyers of Distinction members is the ability to order custom made member videos. These videos are individually tailored to offer a concise overview of an attorney’s practice and accomplishments and can be embedded in the attorney’s website and social media platforms. In a time where short format production is consumed en masse by the public, Lawyers of Distinction’s member videos allow for their members to reach an even wider audience. While many legal vanity organizations strive to promote their members, none of them come close to Lawyers of Distinction when it comes to marketing its members.

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