HVL’s new instructions, available at makejusticehappen.org, advise on drafting legally enforceable, handwritten wills, allowing people to do stopgap estate planning while social distancing during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Holographic wills, mostly used during states of emergency, are recognized by the state of Texas. The new HVL guide comes in handy for people unable to meet with an attorney.

“This new project can be used by everyone and will hopefully provide peace of mind in a time when there is so much uncertainty,” Jennifer Hasley, HVL chair, said in a press release.

Completed wills should be stored in a safe place where an appointed executor knows where to find them if needed. When able, those writing wills should consult an attorney to confirm they are sufficient and the appropriate documents are ready for an individual’s estate planning needs.

Following sample holographic wills from attorneys Dianne Reis and William Pargaman, the guide was written by HVL attorneys Veronica Jacobs, Angela McKinnon, Barbara Urdiales, Blenda Ruiz, Thomas Mendez, and Leesa Everitt.

For more information on the guide and other HVL services, including online intake applications and virtual legal clinics, call 713-228-0735 or visit makejusticehappen.org.