TexasBarBooks Online is the technology-based solution for lawyers looking to leverage the value of TexasBarBooks’ practice manuals at a more affordable entry point.

Featuring the same authoritative content of the print and digital download versions, the monthly and annual subscriptions to online versions allow greater flexibility for those needing material in a specific practice area on a short-term basis. And with a subscription, those update downloads and page replacements that come along every few years are no longer necessary. The online versions always feature the latest content published by TexasBarBooks.

Amarillo lawyer Christopher Wrampelmeier, who enjoys the ease of using the material straight from his browser window, said he keeps the online version of the Texas Family Law Practice Manual open on one of his two computer screens. “When I have a question about the law, I consult its practice notes, which are just a click away,” he said. “The online version requires no updating by me and is available wherever I have access to the internet. For new and old lawyers, the online Texas Family Law Practice Manual is an essential tool. Don’t practice Texas family law without it.”

To date, TexasBarBooks Online features the Texas Family Law Practice Manual, the Texas Real Estate Forms Manual, the Texas Guardianship Manual, the Texas Collections Manual, and the Texas Foreclosure Manual in online subscription versions. Subscribers can easily navigate practice notes and edit downloadable forms in Word. The Texas Business Organizations Manual and the Texas Probate System will be added to the offerings by the fall of 2018.

Each title varies in price, but all cost under $30 a month, with an additional $5 a month discount for customers choosing to pay the annual cost up front.

To view a demo or purchase a subscription, go to http://texasbarbooks.net/texasbarbooks-online/. For more information, email books@texasbar.com or call the customer service team at (800) 204-2222.


Conor Jensen is a web content specialist.