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TexasBarBooks offers free access to Texas Guardianship Manual Online

Update: This offer has expired. However, you can receive one free month of access to the manual by visiting the bookshop on, selecting the monthly plan for this product, and entering the code TGM21ACCESS at checkout. In order to complete the offer you must create an account and enter payment information, but you can … Continue Reading

Celebrating 50 Years of Texas Pattern Jury Charges

Once again, after many months of hard work by attorney-authors and in-house staff, TexasBarBooks has successfully updated the civil series of the Texas Pattern Jury Charges. For 50 years, the Texas Pattern Jury Charges have been valued tools for both the bench and the bar for drafting questions, instructions, and definitions in a broad variety … Continue Reading

TexasBarBooks offers affordable subscriptions to online manuals

TexasBarBooks Online is the technology-based solution for lawyers looking to leverage the value of TexasBarBooks’ practice manuals at a more affordable entry point. Featuring the same authoritative content of the print and digital download versions, the monthly and annual subscriptions to online versions allow greater flexibility for those needing material in a specific practice area … Continue Reading