As the American Bar Association-led Celebrate Pro Bono Week comes to a close, let’s look back at how the Texas legal community took part.

Each day of the week, we spotlighted people from across the state—a Fort Worth family lawyer, a San Angelo general counsel, a Lubbock non-lawyer, a Houston retiree, and a Midland law clerk—who help make pro bono efforts possible.

State Bar President Frank Stevenson penned an op-ed, which ran in several newspapers across the state, about Texas lawyers’ longtime commitment to helping veterans and low-income Texans and contributing to legal aid efforts.

Attorneys, pro bono coordinators, and paralegals shared success stories, their motivation, and tips for attorneys thinking about doing pro bono for the first time.

Local bars, volunteer attorney programs, and legal aid organizations highlighted the efforts of pro bono volunteers, held clinics, and raised money to improve access to justice.

And of course, folks sounded off on social media using the hashtags #CelebrateProBono and #ProBonoTX to talk about the significance of pro bono in the legal profession and why they take time to help.

Pro Bono Texas, the State Bar of Texas Legal Access Division, held an iPad giveaway—which ends October 31—throughout the month and will announce the winner on November 4.

Thanks to everyone who participated—keep up the great work!