A Dallas energy lawyer is reporting a scam involving unknown individuals using her name and contact information in fraudulent Halliburton job offers.

Alissa Eason, of Kosmos Energy, reported receiving two calls from European countries in the past few days.

The callers—one from the United Kingdom and the other calling on behalf of a cousin in Poland—told Eason they had applied for a Halliburton job posting and received an email stating they got the position and were instructed to contact Eason to assist in obtaining immigration documents.

The email includes Eason’s full name and work address and identifies her as an immigration lawyer, though Eason is a longtime lawyer in the oil and gas industry.

Halliburton has acknowledged the false job offer scam on its website, saying the scammers claim to be company representatives and provide prospective candidates with salary information and instruct them to obtain immigration documents and pay application and processing fees, which they say they will be reimbursed for.

The company advises anyone who receives such an email to contact local law enforcement and forward the messages to Hal_Fraud_Offers@halliburton.com.