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First Court of Appeals warns of jury duty scam

The First Court of Appeals in Houston is warning the public that scammers are calling community members claiming to be an officer on behalf of a justice of the court. The scammers claim the community member missed jury duty and must pay money to avoid having a warrant issued for their arrest. The First Court … Continue Reading

Stay informed. Stay alert. Beware of scams!

By Doryn Danner Glenn As if we don’t all have enough to deal with. Each and every one of us is bombarded with daily concerns and issues. Do we really need one more? Do we really need to be concerned about court scams?  The answer is a resounding yes! The individuals who perpetrate these scams … Continue Reading

Jury duty scams are an increasingly common threat for Texans

By Doryn Glenn The State Bar of Texas Jury Service Committee is warning the public against criminals that would seek to make them victims of scams that are becoming increasingly common. Individuals, pretending to be local law enforcement officers, are calling citizens stating that they have failed to appear for jury duty or some other … Continue Reading

State Bar of Texas warns public of jury duty scams

As Texas’ annual Jury Appreciation Week approaches in the first week of May, the State Bar of Texas wants to warn Texans about the proliferation of jury duty scams across the state in recent months. There have been widespread reports of scammers calling residents and accusing them of failing to show up for jury duty. … Continue Reading