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Across state lines—working with out-of-state co-counsel

The COVID-19 pandemic experience of shuttered courthouses, restricted travel, and work-from-home arrangements has forced law firms to reevaluate how they do business, particularly when that work is done across state lines. Whether your firm decides to work through local counsel from outside your firm or to act as local counsel for an unrelated, out-of-state firm, … Continue Reading

Celebrating the Holidays During a Pandemic

Is it possible, in 2020, to carry on the age-old U.S. tradition of gathering with family and friends during the holidays? As new cases of COVID-19 continue to rise in record numbers across the U.S. and abroad, health experts like Isaac Bogoch, infectious disease expert, fear that since “[w]e know that the vast majority of … Continue Reading

Practical recommendations on seeking attorney’s fees

The Texas Supreme Court recently provided pointed guidance to litigants seeking attorney’s fees in a fee-shifting setting. “In short, to secure an award of attorney’s fees from an opponent, the prevailing party must prove that (1) recovery of attorney’s fees is legally authorized, and (2) the requested attorney’s fees are reasonable and necessary for legal … Continue Reading

Guest blog: Absent respondeat superior, a negligent entrustment action should not impose vicarious liability on the entrustor

In F.F.P. Operating Partners v. Duenez, 237 S.W.3d 680, 686 (Tex. 2007), the Texas Supreme Court stated that negligent entrustment is a form of vicarious liability. The basis for imposing liability on the owner of the object entrusted to another is that ownership of the object gives the right of control over its use (Id.). But perhaps … Continue Reading

Guest blog: The life of a small-town attorney

I have lived in Houston almost my entire life and have always considered myself an urbanite. My wife and I love the trappings of the city—musicals, museums, and dim sum, to name a few. But in June I moved to San Angelo, with a population of about 100,700, and you cannot convince me to go … Continue Reading