State Bar of Texas PodcastIn the first installment in a series of episodes of the State Bar of Texas Podcast recorded from the State Bar of Texas Annual Meeting 2024, the topic focuses on the intricacies of AI policy and governance. Lawyers have been getting into ethical hot water over both the use and misuse of AI, failing in their duties of competence, diligence, and more, so where do we go from here? State Bar of Texas Podcast host Rocky Dhir talks with Justice John Browning and Judge Roy Ferguson to learn the latest guidance on AI issues and to remind lawyers of their ethical obligations. They discuss AI’s revolutionary impacts in the legal profession and what to expect as it continues to evolve.

Justice John G. Browning has been a litigator in Texas and Oklahoma for over 35 years, including as a partner in several national law firms.

Judge Roy Ferguson (2013-present) presides over a five-county court of general jurisdiction covering roughly 20,000 square miles and over 20% of the U.S.-Mexico border.

Listen to the episode here:

The Intricacies of AI Policy and Governance (State Bar of Texas Annual Meeting 2024)

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