The State Bar of Texas and the Dallas Bar Association received Luminary Awards during the 2023 National Association of Bar Professionals, or NABE, Communication Workshop held October 3-6 in Park City, Utah.

Submissions for the annually presented Luminary Awards are judged by a panel of NABE Communication members and categorized by both submission type and the size of the submitting bar. Categories include “Excellence in Regular Publications,” “Excellence in Special Projects,” “Excellence in Graphic Design,” “Excellence in PR/Marketing/Social Media Campaigns,” and “Excellence in Authored Articles.” An award for each category is presented to one small, medium, and large bar.

For its coverage of the 2023 State Bar of Texas Annual Meeting in Austin, the State Bar of Texas received the Luminary Award in the category of “Excellence in PR/Marketing/Social Media Campaigns” for large bars. SBOT Digital Content Specialist Geoffrey Hinkson organized an extensive social media campaign that advertised and showcased the state bar’s marquee annual event.

“It feels good to be recognized for an award in this category because, usually, the public eye only sees the end results of these campaigns,” Hinkson told the Texas Bar Journal. “For a social media campaign that runs in real-time in tandem with a large-scale event like the State Bar of Texas Annual Meeting, people don’t always see the hours of preparation beforehand or the stress of the execution to make sure all the details are correct while still being timely. The State Bar of Texas and its Communications Division should also be proud of this award because they put in hard work to create everything and make it possible for me to publicize it on social media platforms.”

In the “Excellence in Authored Articles” for a medium-sized bar category, the Dallas Bar Association was honored with a Luminary Award for its article titled “The DBA and Dallas During the 1960s—Changes and Challenges,” written by DBA Communications/Media Director Jessica Smith.

The article, which appeared in the March 2023 issue of the DBA’s monthly magazine, Headnotes, surveys the DBA’s involvement in the legal community amid the racial turbulence of the 1960s, as well as during the aftermath of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. The article features a comprehensive timeline of events and several photos taken during that time.

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Photos: Above left, State Bar of Texas Digital Content Specialist Geoffrey Hinkson receives the SBOT’s 2023 Luminary Award. Photo by Patricia Busa McConnico.