The State Bar of Texas Board of Directors’ Nominations and Elections Subcommittee voted Monday to recommend the nomination of Jerry Alexander, of Dallas, and Steve Benesh, of Austin, as candidates for 2023-2024 State Bar president-elect. If the board approves their nominations, Alexander and Benesh would appear on the ballot in April 2023 along with any certified petition candidates.

Potential petition candidates can begin collecting signatures on September 1, 2022, and have until March 1, 2023, to submit their nominating petitions to the State Bar for certification. For information on how to run for president-elect, go  here.

This year, the subcommittee considered candidates from any county in the state, in compliance with State Bar rules. Click the names below to read the potential nominees’ interest letters and resumes as submitted to the Nominations and Elections Subcommittee.

Jerry Alexander

Steve Benesh

Nominations and Elections is a subcommittee of the State Bar board co-chaired by Immediate Past President Sylvia Borunda Firth and Immediate Past Board Chair Santos Vargas.