The State Bar of Texas Board of Directors is soliciting candidates for the 2023 president-elect race. State Bar rules stipulate that all potential candidates for 2023 president-elect shall come from any county of the state. 

Any member of the State Bar who meets the eligibility requirements for officers set forth in the State Bar Act and the State Bar rules is eligible for nomination for president-elect. The board of directors policy manual describes the criteria for selecting nominees. The board will consider potential nominees’ involvement as a member of the board or in State Bar committee work, knowledge of State Bar operations, participation in local and specialty bar associations, and other activities demonstrating leadership ability and sincere interest and competence in dealing with issues concerning the State Bar of Texas. Potential nominees should submit a resume and a statement of their views on the key issues facing the bar, the role they would play in dealing with those issues, and what they would seek to accomplish during their tenure as president, all within the overall strategic plan of the State Bar. 

Any other qualified member shall also be privileged to stand for election to that office as a candidate when a written petition, in a form prescribed by the board and signed by no less than 5% of the active members of the State Bar who are in good standing, is filed by or on behalf of such member with the executive director on or before March 1 preceding the election for the ensuing organizational year and such petition is certified by the executive director. State Bar rules state that a petition signature is invalid if it is not dated or the signer signed the petition before September 1 of the year before the election.

The board’s Nominations and Elections Subcommittee is accepting names of and background information for potential candidates. Please write the subcommittee to recommend potential candidates. 

c/o Sylvia Borunda Firth and Santos Vargas,
Nominations and Elections Subcommittee Co-Chairs
P. O. Box 12487
Austin, TX 78711-2487 

Anyone submitting a name for consideration should first obtain that person’s consent.