The Texas Office of Court Administration has selected three vendors to support the new statewide Uniform Case Management System, or UCMS. The three vendors selected to support the UCMS are Icon Software, iDocket, and Tyler Technologies.

UCMS is an opt-in court case management system aimed at supporting Texas counties with a population less than 20,000, which equates to more than half of the state’s counties. Counties will be able to choose one of the three vendors to access UCMS. The system is free to counties and supported by more than $30 million in state appropriations to OCA.

“The new contracts will support the Texas Judiciary as it looks to use technology to better serve those using the court system,” Texas Supreme Court Chief Justice Nathan L. Hecht said in a press release. “The ability to provide a uniform case management system to our courts and clerks will also improve safety in our state. Once implemented, the system will close critical information gaps and provide immediate access to court information to our clerks and magistrates.”

Highlights of the UCMS include:
• UCMS is web-based and counties only need a computer and internet connection to use it;
• UCMS is fully integrated with eFileTexas and re:SearchTX for quicker access to the courts and court documents;
• UCMS will feed information to the Department of Public Safety’s Criminal Justice Information System to upload criminal records to DPS quickly and efficiently;
• UCMS supports standardized data files for ease and efficient monthly reporting of court data to OCA; and
• UCMS supports all case types handled by district and county courts.

“The Texas Judiciary chose an innovative path for this procurement by signing contracts with three vendors. Doing so encourages competition and provides for choice by clerks,” said David Slayton, OCA administrative director, in a press release. “At the same time, the systems will enable courts to become more efficient and provide greater transparency to data, both much need as the judiciary responds to the recent crises that place great challenges on the branch.”

The three vendors will begin working to onboard counties to the system this month and are projected to have the first jurisdictions online in early 2022.

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