The Tarrant County Bar Association Diversity Committee will host “Let’s Talk About It: Race and Racism in the Practice of Law – Part 1,” at noon on September 24 via Zoom.

The session is part of the SIDE (Striving for Inclusion, Diversity, and Equity in the Bar) Bar Conversation Series.

The conversation will explore experiences of people of color in legal careers, addressing concepts like microaggressions, code-switching, and unspoken requirements of cultural assimilation; a discussion of the current forms of racism in the legal system, including the impact of past racism on the present; and the role of white privilege in legal education, hiring, business development, and practice.

The discussion will also address how lawyers of the majority community can play a role in the dynamics discussed.

The event is cohosted by the L. Clifford Davis Legal Association and the Black Women Lawyers Association.

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