The State Commission on Judicial Conduct announced its new executive director, Jacqueline Rashawn Habersham, who has served on the commission for more than 18 years as both deputy general counsel and senior commission counsel, and for the last six months, interim executive director.

Habersham received her juris doctorate in 1992 from the Thurgood Marshall School of Law at Texas Southern University and is a longtime member of the Association of Judicial Disciplinary Counsel.

“The commissioners saw Ms. Habersham demonstrate her ability to lead during her interim appointment. The 13 volunteer commissioners rely upon our executive director to manage the daily duties and the powers of the commission,” said commission chairperson David Hall. “I am personally excited by Ms. Habersham’s intrinsic understanding of the commission’s operations and her integrity in all matters.”

The State Commission on Judicial Conduct confidentially investigates all allegations of judicial misconduct or disability. Its executive director oversees 13 full-time employees, including a general counsel, five lawyers, a chief investigator, three investigators, and three administrative support staff members. The commission received 1,849 complaints of judicial misconduct in 2019.

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