The Texas Young Lawyers Association, or TYLA, launched the Shero podcast, its first foray into podcasting, with the first episode dropping on October 3.

The Shero podcast is inspired by the Dallas Association of Young Lawyers’ Continuing the Conversation and features discussions with female attorneys who have served as an inspiration, or shero, for women practicing law.

“This podcast is meant to serve as a platform for these sheroes to share their experiences and their advice on a broader spectrum and allow for other female attorneys to be inspired by their advice and experiences,” said TYLA President Sally Pretorius in her TYLA President’s Page column in the November 2018 issue of the Texas Bar Journal.

The first episode took an in-depth look at what a shero is and featured Pretorius, TYLA Immediate Past President Baili Rhodes, TYLA Vice President Britney Harrison, and TYLA Chair-elect Courtney Barksdale Perez. The panel discussed their personal sheroes and some of the challenges they have faced as female attorneys.

The newest episode, released October 17, is a discussion with retired Justice Linda Yañez, the first Latina on the Texas Court of Appeals. She served on the 13th Court of Appeals in El Paso from 1993 to 2010.

The podcast can currently be downloaded on iTunes. For more information about TYLA, go to