Can’t wait for the June issue of the Texas Bar Journal to arrive? The TBJ editorial staff has you covered. Check out our top picks: Q&As with the State Bar’s and TYLA’s new presidents, information on digital privacy matters, and winners from the bar’s short story contest. Don’t forget to catch up on Movers and Shakers, Memorials, and Disciplinary Actions.

The Good Fight
State Bar of Texas President Joe K. Longley on eradicating injustice.
Interview by Patricia Busa McConnico

Life Lessons
How a court battle between parents sprung the Texas Young Lawyers Association president into family law practice.
Interview by Eric Quitugua

The Texas Bar Journal Short Story Contest 2018
A look at the winning stories penned by attorney-authors.

Privacy Matters
Is accessing a spouse’s cellphone without consent against the law?
By Pierre Grosdidier