South Texas College of Law announced Wednesday it has changed its name to Houston College of Law.

The decision to rename the nearly 100-year-old law school came after input from alumni, students, faculty, staff, and the wider legal community that recommended the school align itself closer with Houston, the city where the institution is located.

“Identifying our school with our geography will not only help us improve the public’s understanding of our location, but tie us with the law school’s birthplace and the remarkable city we have been a part of since our founding,” law school representatives said on a new Frequently Asked Questions page on its website.

“We are a part of Houston, and it is a part of us.”

Houston College of Law is one of three law schools in the state’s most populous city, including the University of Houston Law Center and Texas Southern University Thurgood Marshall School of Law.

The name change will not affect any of the other operations at the school, the announcement said, and law school representatives plan to communicate the name change to the legal community in the region over the coming months.

“We believe this is a transformative moment in the Law School’s history that recognizes our past, increases our regional and national profile, and better aligns where we are today with where we want to be tomorrow,” Houston College of Law President and Dean Donald J. Guter said in the announcement.

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