The Texas Board of Legal Specialization is accepting certification applications for 2016. For information on the specific requirements for each of the 22 specialty areas of law and the seven areas for paralegals, go to the “Get Certified” section of


The Texas Board of Legal Specialization is one of the largest board certification programs in the nation. Being board certified means that an attorney may publicly represent himself or herself as a legal specialist in an area of law. This year the Texas Supreme Court approved construction law as the newest specialty area. For specific requirements, go to “Construction Law Standards” at


To be eligible for certification, an attorney must have five years of experience practicing law, with a minimum of three years experience in the specialty area. Board certification is an ongoing commitment that requires continuing legal education.


Certification applications are available until April 25, 2016, and the exam is October 17, 2016, in Austin. For more information, go to, call (855) 277- 8257, or send an email to