Dallas lawyer Mike Maslanka was at the Texas Law Center last week to film new clips for his YouTube video series Mike Maslanka @ Your Desk. Launched two years ago, the series is presented by the State Bar of Texas and produced on the sixth floor of the bar’s headquarters in Austin, with the help of Paul Burks, director of video production. Maslanka has been practicing for more than 30 years and is an employment law attorney with Constangy Brooks & Smith. His blog was selected as the No. 1 employment law blog of 2011 by the American Bar Association.



Maslanka writes and performs his own @ Your Desk scripts, which are short and to the point yet eloquent “observations on life and the law” (as well as a joke or two). Past videos in the series have taken on diverse topics such as business ethics, vacations, closing arguments, kindness, the art of the job interview, and more. His most popular clips are “How to Accept Things You Cannot Control” (with 1,159 views) and “Three Deposition Questions” (with 1,162 views). Ranging from about one and a half to four minutes, the insightful videos offer an easy, informative break in a lawyer’s busy day.

The first video of the new installment is available today on the State Bar’s YouTube channel, with new episodes posted every Monday. You can also follow Maslanka on Twitter (@worklawyer). In the meantime, stay tuned to the State Bar’s Twitter (@statebaroftexas) for a behind-the-scenes clip of Maslanka speaking about how to craft an effectively persuasive message.