The State Bar of Texas recently welcomed new members to its board of directors at the 2014 Annual Meeting held in Austin on June 26-27, 2014. These included 2014-2015 State Bar President-elect Allan Dubois, Texas Young Lawyers Association President-elect Barrett Thomas, 13 new directors, two liaisons, and two section representatives.


Above: Texas Supreme Court Justice Phil Johnson swears in new members of the State Bar of Texas Board of Directors on June 26 during the 2014 Annual Meeting in Austin.

DIRECTORS (terms expiring in 2017)

Allan Dubois, State Bar president-elect, of the Law Office of Allan K. Dubois in San Antonio

Barrett Thomas, TYLA president-elect, of the Thomas Firm in Sweetwater

Barbara R. Bass, public member, of Gollob Morgan Peddy in Tyler

Amy Bryan, District 14 member, of Fraser, Wilson & Bryan in Stephenville

E. Leon Carter, District 6 – Place 4 member, of Carter Scholer Arnett Hamada in Dallas

David Chaumette, District 4 – Place 2 member, of Chaumette in Houston

Jose “Joe” Escobedo Jr., District 12 member, of Escobedo, Tippit & Cardenas in McAllen

Sylvia Borunda Firth, minority director, from El Paso

Joe “Rice” Horkey Jr., public member, from Lubbock

Joseph Indelicato Jr., District 4 – Place 7 member, of Joseph Indelicato Jr. in Houston

John Jansonius, District 6 – Place 3 member, of Jackson Walker in Dallas

Mary Abbott Martin, District 4 – Place 4 member, of Peckham in Houston

Brian Miller, District 11 member, of Royston Rayzor Vickery & Williams in Corpus Christi

Ruben Robles, District 17 member, of Robles, Bracken & Hughes in El Paso

Lance Sharp, District 9 – Place 1 member, of the Sharp Firm in Austin

LIASONS (terms expiring in 2015)

Hon. Ed Kinkeade, federal judiciary liaison, of the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Texas in Dallas

Hon. David Evans, judicial section liaison, of the 48th District Court in Fort Worth

SECTION REPRESENTATIVES (terms expiring in 2017)

Tina Green, section representative to the board (medium-sized), of Capshaw Green in Texarkana

Pat Maher, section representative to the board (large-sized), of Shannon, Gracey, Ratliff & Miller in Fort Worth