On August 9, 2014, dozens of Dallas attorneys will be available at three different locations around the city to provide free one-on-one legal advice and to lead legal seminars for members of the public. Titled the “Big Give Back,” this event is jointly sponsored by the Dallas Association of Young Lawyers, the Dallas Asian-American Bar Association, the Dallas Hispanic Bar Association, and the J.L. Turner Legal Association.

“This is a great opportunity for the Dallas legal community to work together and give back to the Dallas community in a meaningful way,” said DAYL President Meyling Ly. “Lawyer jokes and stereotypes aside, here are lawyers of diverse backgrounds and practice areas all coming together to directly assist our community.”

From 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., people from the Metroplex are welcome to arrive at one of the three locations with legal questions on a variety of areas of the law, including family law, wills and estate planning, landlord/tenant disputes, and small claims. In addition, seminars focusing on certain areas of law—such as bankruptcy, immigration, criminal, and employment law—will be held at each location. To see times for each seminar, view this two-page Big Give Back flyer.

Volunteer attorneys will spend time with each client, explaining applicable rights, helping to develop a strategy for next steps, providing informational legal brochures, and directing them to more resources. In addition to the sponsoring organizations, attorneys with the Dallas Women Lawyers Association, the Dallas Gay and Lesbian Bar Association, and the Dallas Volunteer Attorney Program will also be volunteering their time.

Although it is not a requirement, persons interested in attending one of the free legal clinics should try to bring all related documents if possible (e.g., lawsuit papers, divorce petition, lease, etc.). The three Dallas locations are:

  • Eastfield Community College—802 S. Buckner Road (Spanish-speaking attorneys will be available at this location only.)
  • Buddhist Center of Dallas—8484 Stults Road (A variety of Asian language speakers will be available.)
  • Dallas Public Library—2951 S. Hampton Road

For more information, go to dayl.com.