Searching for the latest on patent law post-grant proceedings? Look no further than your smartphone. Fish Richardson, a global firm with offices in Austin, Dallas, and Houston, has launched the “Fish Post-Grant” app for iOS and Android.

The free application features details of post-grant proceedings, with timelines and related articles; archives of webinars; news alerts; and listings of district court stays. Users can also enable push notifications, which automatically appear when an important ruling is added. 

Joshua A. Griswold, principal in Fish Richardson in Dallas, said the app was developed to help users stay abreast of the quickly developing patent landscape.

“While our dedicated website——provides a vast amount of content and analysis, it is easier to have it available on the go, on your smartphone or tablet,” he said.

Griswold noted that the program’s content is helpful both for users who need just a little bit of information on procedures and those who want to be more conversant and educated on the topic.

“I use it, and it has become a part of my morning routine,” said Griswold.

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