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Best thing about being a lawyer: Helping people solve problems and resolve disputes.

Culinary talent: I like to buy already prepared meals at Whole Foods. I also enjoy buying tacos at Torchy’s Tacos. Does that count?

Current Project: I am currently battling a ruthless and relentless bird that has been nesting in a vent leading into the attic at my house. I have cobbled together several obstructions but I’ve been defeated every time.

Born/Age: Houston, Texas, age 31 (but my family moved to Austin when I was a few months old)

Areas of practice: General civil litigation

Education: I graduated from SMU in Dallas in 2005 with a BBA in Finance. I then went on to law school at the University of Tulsa College of Law where I graduated in 2008.

Bet you didn’t know: I’m a third generation Texas lawyer. My grandfather practiced in Lubbock and San Angelo for many years before ending up in Phoenix. My father has been practicing law for 43. He started his career in Dallas, practiced in Houston for a few years, and has been practicing in Austin since 1983.

Is not good at: While I wish it were not so, my golf game is terrible.

Mentor/hero: For several years I had the privilege of working under and learning from Larry York – a legend in Austin and elsewhere. Larry gave me my first opportunity to do all of the seminal things a litigator does – the things you can’t learn in law school or from a book. He gave me my first deposition to take, my first motion to argue at the courthouse, and my first chance to first-chair a jury trial. While those were all great opportunities in and of themselves, Larry didn’t just let me do all of those things. He would tag along and afterwards we would talk about what he thought I did right and some things that I could improve on. Observing how Larry conducted himself in a hearing, on the phone with opposing counsel, or at a meeting with a client shaped the way I approach practicing law today. I leaned from Larry that being a zealous advocate, having a sense of humor, and being courteous and friendly with opposing counsel are not mutually exclusive concepts.

Pet peeve: Unreturned phone calls.

Favorite musician: Robert Earl Keen, Jr.

Favorite sport: Golf

Favorite food: Chicken fried steak

Memorable vacation: Traveling to Scotland for a week to play golf with my dad, a good friend from college, and his dad.

If you could be anyone else for a day, who would it be? Fred Couples

Nick works at McGinnis Lochridge in Austin.

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