Rob RancoBest thing about being a lawyer: Helping people who desperately need help.

The part of my job I do best is: Adapt to the situation in front of me. There is no script for what I do.

Bet you didn’t know: I was a music major in college and I came to Austin for a master’s program at UT in ethnomusicology.

Another little known fact: My parents were not excited about my choice of major.

What’s the turning point that made you decide to become an attorney? When my wife pointed out there were no listings in the classifieds for ethnomusicologists.

Family: Wife, Laurie; kids: Megan (17), Eric (13), Tori (8) and Kasey (6)

Areas of practice: Plaintiff’s personal injury/

Education: Dartmouth College – B.A. (1990). University of Maine School of Law – J.D. (2001)

Bad habit: Espresso.

Culinary talent: BBQ ribs and chicken.

Community Involvement: Coaching kids’ baseball in Georgetown.

Mentors/heroes: My parents.

Most important career lesson: Understanding your clients, what they need and what they want is more important than being able to quote case law.

Latest pursuit: Giving piano lessons to my kids.

Current Project: Work and family; fixing up the 25 year old house we just bought.

Favorite saying/quote: Can you come in now?

Pet peeve: People who think their pets are their children. It’s OK to love your pets, but you really can’t compare the two.

Secret for staying young: Shaving my head before anyone knew I was going bald.

Memorable vacation: Bar Harbor, summer 2010.

My favorite weekend retreats are: My backyard.

If I had more time, I would: Spend more time with my family.

What most people don’t know about me: I was a bartender at TGI Fridays for 7 years.

When you are not practicing law, what do you like to do? Being with my family.

Favorite TV program: The Daily Show/It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

Favorite artist: Kasey Ranco (age 6).

Favorite composers: Duke Ellington/Elvis Costello/Patty Griffin.

Favorite album: John Coltrane/A Love Supreme.

Favorite music/musician: Ruthie Foster/Bob Marley/Chris Thile.

Favorite movie: Pulp Fiction.

Favorite food:  Chicken parmesan, BBQ brisket.

Favorite restaurant: Gino’s Pizzeria in Round Rock.

Talents (besides law): Music (play piano); I found out recently that I’m pretty good at 3rd grade math, too.

Hobbies: Music and sports.

If you could be anyone else for a day, who would it be?  Rick Perry.

If you weren’t an attorney, what profession do you think you would be in? Teacher.

Rob works at The Carlson Law Firm and is the supervising attorney for the firm’s three Austin offices.

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