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Community involvement: former president, Dallas Association of Young Lawyers

Mentors: Justice Lee Ann Dauphinot of the Fort Worth Court of Appeals. During the year I spent as Justice Dauhpinot’s briefing attorney, she taught me a lot about the law and even more about life.

Memorable vacation: Rio de Janeiro.  I had so much fun that I missed my flight back to Dallas. . . on purpose.  I’m looking forward to taking my wife to Rio in December for our better-late-than-never honeymoon.



Area of practice: appellate law

Education: business degree from UT, law degree from SMU

When you are not practicing law, what do you like to do? spend time with my nieces and nephew (3-year-old Caitlyn, 2-year-old Brynlee, and 1-year-old Carter)

If you weren’t an attorney, what profession do you think you would be in? diamond dealer.  My family has been in the diamond business since 1908.

Hobbies: reading Dallas Court of Appeals opinions and publishing notes about them on my blog (

If I had more time, I would: re-learn Spanish.  It’s frustrating that I used to be conversational in Spanish and now speak it like a caveman.

Family: dog Charlie (a Sheltie), dog Daisy (a Chihuahua), and wife Jamie (an Aggie)

Latest pursuit: potty-training a Chihuahua

Bet you didn’t know: My wife and I hated being engaged.  After five weeks of being engaged, we ran off to Vegas.

Culinary talent: burnt toast.  My wife is teaching me how to make the other kind of toast.

Chad Ruback works at The Ruback Law Firm in Dallas.

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