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Claiming privilege for proprietary information: properly applying Tex. R. Evid. 507

If a lawyer litigates long enough he or she will inevitably face written or oral objections to requests for production or interrogatories. While objections may be straightforward and easy to navigate, they become more complex and potentially fatal to a litigator’s case when opposing counsel raises an objection based on proprietary information privilege. While it … Continue Reading

#LongLunchThursday program preps young lawyers for trial

If you happen to be in the Tarrant County Family Law Center around noon on the first Thursday of the month, you will find 30 to 50 chipper young (and mature) lawyers eagerly learning trial skills from Judge William Harris. What is taking place on these first Thursdays? It’s a new program called #LongLunchThursday. #LongLunchThursday was … Continue Reading