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Sponsored Content: 6 ChatGPT Prompts for Lawyers

ChatGPT, the AI chatbot from OpenAI, has created quite a buzz. This natural language processing tool allows you to have human-like conversations with the chatbot. With one prompt, you can answer questions, write entire emails, generate complex code, or even get relationship advice (though whether or not you’d want to accept the latter is up … Continue Reading

Sponsored Content: Payment Plans for Lawyers: A Step-by-Step Guide

Law firms looking to grow their book of business can benefit from offering multiple payment options. Payment methods such as online payments and payment plans can be particularly advantageous as they help reduce large bills. Plus, payment plans don’t just benefit the client – the American Bar Association (ABA) affirms that flexible payment plans can … Continue Reading

Sponsored Content: Do these 7 things to ensure that your firm collects on every billable minute

7 Best Practices for Accounts Receivable Collections Earning money and collecting money are two very different things. It’s all too common for legal professionals to log billable hours, send out invoices to collect, and then fail to follow up and ensure that money is paid in full. The days get busy, things fall through the … Continue Reading

Sponsored Content: From Mediation to Court – How to Enhance Your Case Arguments Using Legal Animations

Legal animations are often thought to be exclusively used by personal injury lawyers and litigation attorneys, but they can be a valuable asset in a wide range of legal cases, including product liability, medical malpractice, patent litigation, technology, and environmental law. Even in cases where liability is well-established and there is high potential for resolution … Continue Reading

Sponsored Content: Mastering Time Management for Lawyers

If you’ve ever watched the clock turn over at midnight and found yourself still at the office, you’ve likely wondered where all your time went. As a lawyer, time management is critical for maximizing your billable hours and avoiding burnout. While the right technology can enhance time management, attorneys should also be mindful of the … Continue Reading

Sponsored Content: 4 Signs of a Great Client Intake Process

The client intake process is your prospective client’s first introduction to your legal practice. It’s an opportunity to educate clients about your practice and how you can meet their needs, as well as what they can expect when working with you. Here are signs that you have a healthy client intake process that sets your … Continue Reading

Sponsored Content: A Guide to Automating Your Expertise! Where to Begin

Legal document automation solutions are making it easier than ever to streamline workflows and reduce the amount of time spent on repetitive manual processes. By automating tasks such as generating contracts, agreements, applications, opinions, pleadings, or entire sets of documents, you can increase both the volume and value of the service you deliver to clients, customers, … Continue Reading

Sponsored Content: Three Ways to Streamline Client Intake

Are too many leads falling through the cracks? Inefficient client intake workflows might be the culprit. Law firms suffer from three issues: Too little time to efficiently onboard clients Insufficient lead tracking and intake reporting capabilities Siloed intake processes and client matter management tools If you want an intake process that turns your firm’s leads … Continue Reading

Sponsored Content: 4 Types of Automation Being Used to Improve Efficiency

Legal professionals are increasingly concerned about how managing administrative tasks is impacting their ability to apply their expertise to more interesting, higher-value work. And according to a Bloomberg Law report, 61% of law firms and 70% of in-house legal teams say improved efficiency is the primary driver of their technology implementations.  Future-thinking organizations are identifying repetitive, manual … Continue Reading

Sponsored Content: 9 Creative Ways Legal Document Automation Drives Greater Efficiencies

With limited time in the day and more and more work piling up, law firms of all sizes, corporate legal teams, and government agencies are looking for better ways to maximize their efforts. Their answer? Automation. While it’s true that automation can help you streamline workflows, saving time and money, it can be intimidating to … Continue Reading

Sponsored Content: 5 Things I Wish I Learned in Law School

Being a lawyer is inherently stressful, and the first few years of practicing law are arguably the most anxiety-inducing periods of your life (aside from 1L finals and the bar exam). As you enter the real world, you’ll learn very quickly that law school did not teach you how to actually practice law. But rest … Continue Reading

Sponsored Content: How Transparent is Transparent

Digital Marketing, specifically SEO, has had a reputation for being proprietary, overly technical, and off-limits to anyone on the outside for decades at this point.  The veil of mystery has all means of being pulled today (and in reality, at least the past 5 years), with tracking tools such as CallRail, Google Analytics, and transparency … Continue Reading

Sponsored Content: Exclusive Member Savings on top Tech

State Bar of Texas Members receive EARLY ACCESS to Dell’s Labor Day Sale starting August 25th! See these offers and more at: Early Access dates: Aug. 25-31 Sale goes through Sept. 7 Savings include: Inspiron 15 3000 – Laptop $230 (save $70) New XPS 13 Laptop – $849 (save $150) Dell 24 Monitor – … Continue Reading

Sponsored Content: Alternative Payment Methods: 4 Benefits for Law Firms

The days of paying by cash or check are quickly disappearing. Thanks to innovations in digital technology, today’s consumers can pay for goods and services using a wide variety of payment methods, including credit cards, digital wallets, contactless methods, and more. However, many law firms today are slow to adapt to modern payment trends and … Continue Reading