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Sponsored Content: 5 Myths About Legal Insurance BUSTED

If you’re not quite sure what legal insurance is, you’re not alone. At ARAG, we deal with misconceptions attorneys and others in the legal industry have about what we do all the time. We want to bust the five most common myths we hear about legal insurance so that you can see how it might … Continue Reading

Sponsored Content: America Ranks 94th Worldwide in Civil Justice: Attorneys and the Legal Insurance Industry Are Partnering to Improve Access and Affordability

I’ve learned a lot this past year as I traveled across the country meeting with state bar associations and legal industry leaders, but one thing stood out as a reoccurring theme: Many of us in the legal community are passionate about providing all Americans access to affordable legal services. We are not okay with the … Continue Reading

Sponsored Content: Five Years to Becoming a Debt-Free JD: How One Attorney Paid Off Six-Figure Law School Debt

Law careers are traditionally viewed as lucrative and enviable. Yet, many attorneys are saddled with mortgage-sized law school debt after graduation. About five years ago, Harvard Law School left one law school grad and blogger, DebtFreeJD, with nearly $150,000 in student loan debt. After a few years of payments, she’d made a $25,000 dent in … Continue Reading

Sponsored Content: 11 Online Security Tips for 2017

2017 is just underway, and with it a multitude of new online threats. From viruses and spyware to hacking and identity theft, these online threats can pose a serious problem to you, your law firm, and your clients. For this reason, it’s important to take steps to keep your data safe and your clients’ personal … Continue Reading