State Bar of Texas PodcastIn the 10th installment in a series of episodes of the State Bar of Texas Podcast recorded from the State Bar of Texas Annual Meeting 2024, the topic focuses on rap music on trial. Should rap lyrics as evidence be allowed in criminal prosecutions? State Bar of Texas Podcast host Rocky Dhir talks with Chad Baruch about his session titled “Hip Hop on Trial: Texas Courts Confront the Use of Rap Lyrics in Criminal Prosecutions” for the Appellate and Civil Liberties & Civil Rights sections. Dhir and Baruch discuss the intersection of art and the law, highlight several cases involving the use of song lyrics or videos, and discuss trial tactics for attorneys working on a case involving rap music.

Chad Baruch recently completed his term as the 85th chair of the State Bar of Texas Board of Directors—and as the first Jewish lawyer to serve as president or chair of the State Bar. A former college basketball coach and professor, Baruch is certified in civil appellate law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization.

Listen to the episode here:

Rap on Trial (State Bar of Texas Annual Meeting 2024)

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