State Bar of Texas PodcastIn the seventh installment in a series of episodes of the State Bar of Texas Podcast recorded from the State Bar of Texas Annual Meeting 2024, the topic focuses on NYU’s Civil Jury Project. Data shows that jury trials are declining rapidly, but what is causing this tendency? State Bar of Texas Podcast host Rocky Dhir hosts Judge Mark Drummond to learn more about the factors involved in this decrease and what it may indicate about our legal system. Dhir and Drummond discuss the history of civil juries, current trends, and developing innovations. Learn more about the work of the Civil Jury Project at

Judge Mark A. Drummond was a trial lawyer for 20 years, followed by 20 years as a trial court judge. After retiring from the bench, he returned to the courtroom as an advocate and provides legal guidance on a pro bono basis through the ABA platform Free Legal Answers. Drummond is the program director for the joint NITA/ABA advocacy program for legal services attorneys. In 2019, legendary trial lawyer Steve Susman asked Drummond to become the judicial director for the Civil Jury Project at the NYU School of Law. Drummond is the project’s executive/judicial director in addition to working in his private law practice. He is also on the pro bono advisory panel for the Access to Counsel Project for the Federal Bar Council.

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NYU’s Civil Jury Project (State Bar of Texas Annual Meeting 2024)

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