State Bar of Texas PodcastIn the third installment in a series of episodes of the State Bar of Texas Podcast recorded from the State Bar of Texas Annual Meeting 2024, the topic focuses on Texas business courts. Both the governor and Legislature of Texas have hoped to drive more business to Texas, but previously, businesses have expressed concerns over the potential for difficulties in navigating courts across Texas’ 254 counties. Now, a centralized system of business courts will open September 1, 2024, to serve businesses in the most populous areas of the state. Judge Emily Miskel and Marcy Hogan Greer talk with State Bar of Texas Podcast host Rocky Dhir in detail about how these courts will operate and what businesses and attorneys should expect.

Judge Emily Miskel has served as judge of the 470th district court of Collin County, Texas, since the court was created in 2015.

Marcy Hogan Greer is the managing partner of Alexander Dubose & Jefferson LLP, a nationally recognized appellate boutique firm.

Listen to the episode here:

Navigating Texas Business Courts (State Bar of Texas Annual Meeting 2024)

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