The University of Houston Law Center debuted Aspiring Lawyer, a publication dedicated to undergraduate students nationwide interested in attending law school.

Aspiring Lawyer will feature insights, tips, success stories, and guidance for pre-law students, especially those from underrepresented backgrounds.

“I am delighted that we have established the Aspiring Lawyer magazine which will provide helpful hints and advice for students who plan to be lawyers,” said Leonard M. Baynes, dean of the University of Houston Law Center, in a press release. “UH Law Center has always provided a pathway to the profession for law school students of all backgrounds. It’s only rational for us to produce this magazine so that as many people as possible know that a legal education is within their reach and to help them achieve their dreams.”

Aspiring Lawyer is a complement to UH Law Center’s Pre-Law Pipeline Program. The Pipeline Program has four tracks and a history of excellence. Eighty-two scholars have been accepted to law school and have received $5,434,229 in scholarship funds.

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