The State Bar of Texas Legal Services to the Poor in Criminal Matters Committee announced Claire Buetow as the winner of the Michael K. Moore Award and Mark Stevens as the Warren Burnett Award winner.

Buetow is a senior policy analyst for the Texas Indigent Defense Commission. The Michael K. Moore award recognizes an individual or organization in recognition of exceptional research or writing that deals with indigent criminal defense and that represents a significant contribution to the knowledge and practices of the bench, bar, and scholarly committees. The award is named after Michael K. Moore for his pivotal role in research and writing efforts that had a major effect on indigent defense in Texas.

Stevens practices at the Law Office of Mark Stevens in San Antonio. The Warren Burnett Award recognizes extraordinary contributions to improving the quality of criminal legal representation to indigent Texans. The award honors either an individual or organizations for their work in the courtroom, Legislature, or in the public sphere.