The Texas Lawyers’ Assistance Program has launched a video counterpart to its “Stories of Recovery” that are featured on the Texas Bar Blog.

“This ‘Stories of Recovery’ will be one with diverse stories but many of the things about these stories are similar, which is the path to recovery,” TLAP Director Chris Ritter said. “I hope that this can be an inspiration to those, such as myself, who were hopeless and thought there wasn’t a way out.”

The first video in the series featured a one-on-one conversation with Jo Ben Whittenburg, of Orgain Bell & Tucker, and TLAP attorney Erica Grigg. Each interview includes candid accounts of the path to recovery.

Whittenburg talked about overcoming troubles with alcohol and advancing beyond the stigma of alcoholism.

Grigg shared her story about stress, anxiety, and depression that she “managed” with alcohol, which eventually led to a suicide attempt.

The videos will be released on the second Monday of each month.

TLAP offers confidential assistance for lawyers, law students, and judges with substance use or mental health issues. Call or text TLAP at 800-343-8527 (TLAP) or find more information at