At a time when physical access to courts has become difficult, re:SearchTX is providing free access to its premium features through at least the end of April. re:SearchTX is a web-based platform that allows registered users access to an online repository of court case information powered by the Texas e-filing database.

According to the company, the service provides statewide case and filing search, including:

  • In-document text searching within any civil, family, or probate case filed in a Texas county, dating back to 2016
  • Automatic notifications about cases you’re following
  • Ability to track the activity of specific people, including expert witnesses and other attorneys
  • Insight into new cases being filed in your area of practice
  • Instant view of case documents filed by the presiding judge in counties that have partnered with re:SearchTX (See the full list of integrated counties here.)

re:SearchTX’s basic service is free to all registered users through a partnership with the state. The premium upgrade usually costs $30 a month. However, it is being extended for free to all registered users through at least April 30 and possibly longer if needed, according to company officials.

Attorneys have free access to documents on cases where they, or a member of their e-file firm, are an attorney of record on the case. If you wish to view or download documents in other cases, there is a fee of 10 cents per page with a $6 per document maximum. re:SearchTX reports that the document revenue goes entirely to the clerks of the various counties and the company does not have authority to waive those fees.