Editor’s Note: The Texas Board of Law Examiners issued the following announcement.

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, the State Bar of Texas will not hold a swearing-in ceremony after the February 2020 bar exam results are released.

Any person who is authorized to administer oaths—including a judge, retired judge, clerk, or notary—may swear you in, either before or after you receive your license in the mail.

A person authorized to administer the oath may administer it to you remotely, such as by videoconferencing or teleconferencing, and may attest to the oath electronically by sending you an electronic or scanned image of his or her signature on the oath form. The person administering the oath must also comply with any other applicable requirements; for example, a notary must comply with the requirements for online notarization. (See Tex. Gov’t Code §406.101 et seq.)

You may download a copy of the oath here: oath or alternative oath. For more information, please see the Board of Law Examiners’ FAQs.