The Texas Board of Law Examiners reports it continues to accept applications and prepare to administer the July 2020 Texas Bar Exam as scheduled.

However, the National Conference of Bar Examiners has authorized alternate dates in September for a postponed examination. The alternate dates are September 9-11 and September 30-October 2. According to NCBE, each jurisdiction will determine whether to offer the exam in July, in early September, or in late September. The Texas Supreme Court is expected to announce a decision on the administration of the examination by May 1.

Susan Henricks, executive director of the BLE, reports that all applicants for the July examination will be notified individually if the examination is postponed to September. General announcements will be posted on the BLE website. Fees paid for the July examination may be applied to fees for a future examination, on request, the BLE reported.

Results for the February 2020 examination are expected no later than May 1.