Voting in the 2020 election for State Bar of Texas president-elect and district director will take place April 1-30. In an effort to encourage voter participation and educate members on the candidates’ platforms, the State Bar is distributing messages submitted by the president-elect candidates addressing topics of their choosing. The first messages are available at the links below.

Pablo Almaguer

Sylvia Borunda Firth 
El Paso

Click here to read Pablo Almaguer’s message.  Click here to read Sylvia Borunda Firth’s message. 

On April 1, attorneys eligible to vote will be mailed an election packet that includes a paper ballot, candidate brochures, and instructions on how to cast their vote. An email also will be sent to attorneys, giving them instructions on how to vote online. Be sure to check your spam filter. Election emails are sent by the State Bar’s election provider, Election Services Corporation, from

The election packet and email will contain a voter authorization number (VAN) with instructions on how to vote online. Attorneys may use this VAN and their bar card number to log on to the election website to cast their ballot. If attorneys do not have their VAN, they can also go to the State Bar website,, to cast their vote during the voting period.

Attorneys may either submit their paper ballot via mail or vote online using the information provided. The secure election system will not allow duplicate votes.

More information on the election is available at