Check out the TBJ staff’s must-reads for the November issue for in-depth articles exploring forensics, ethics, and how AED training came in handy at one recent investiture. And don’t forget to catch up on the latest Movers and Shakers, Memorials, and Disciplinary Actions.

The Texas Forensic Science Commission
Oversight and the road map to admissibility of forensic evidence in Texas.
By Lynn Garcia and Leigh Savage

The Texas Junk Science Writ
A look six years in.
By Kirk Cooper

The Texas Lawyer’s Creed 30 Years Later
A renewed focus on the conduct, behavior, and credibility of the legal profession.
By Suzanne Mann Duvall

Be Prepared
A Scout troop, three lawyers, a priest, and a state senator save a life at a judicial investiture.
By Charles Spain