The Dallas Bar Association, or DBA, received a grant from the Texas Bar Foundation to launch its Entrepreneurs in Community Lawyering program this fall.

The Entrepreneurs in Community Lawyering program is the first local legal incubator in Dallas and seeks to create a pipeline for lawyers who are well equipped to launch a fiscally stable solo or small firm that caters to low-income Texans.

The program is one of DBA President Laura Benitez Geisler’s initiatives during her year as president. Participants must be recent law school graduates licensed less than five years and have an interest in starting a solo or small firm serving clients of modest means. Candidates have to complete an application and interview process before being invited to participate. Sustainability of the applicant’s proposed practice area is critical. The program anticipates having eight to 10 lawyers per session.

The Entrepreneurs in Community Lawyering program is inspired by the State Bar’s Texas Opportunity & Justice Incubator, or TOJI. DBA wanted to follow TOJI’s example of increasing opportunities for young lawyers and middle-income people who need, but cannot afford, a lawyer. Although the program is not exactly the same as TOJI, DBA consulted with Frank Stephenson, who launched TOJI as his initiative as State Bar president; Anne-Marie Rabago, TOJI director; and others involved with the State Bar’s legal incubator.

Interested candidates should contact Kathryn Zack at for more information.

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