The National Day Archives, or NDA, has officially designated the week of May 1-7 of each calendar year as National Proud to Be an American Week.

“We are so excited to release this year’s signature project, Proud to Be an American,” said Meagan Harding, of the Texas Young Lawyers Association Board of Directors. “There are so many rights and privileges that we can enjoy in this country, and we wanted to highlight those as well as showcase people from diverse backgrounds who enrich this country and enhance our collective experience.”

In April 2019, TYLA submitted a proposal to NDA, which has now also added National Proud to Be an American Week to its website and included it on the site calendar.

“We are a beautifully diverse nation made up of people from different cultures, backgrounds, and experiences,” Harding said. “We enjoy unique rights and privileges and Proud to Be an American helps students to learn about our constitution, some of our history, and some of our legal rights while also viewing reflections from people who esteem and contribute to our country.”

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