Thank you to the 29 writers who submitted entries to the Texas Bar Journal Short Story Contest this year.

Author names were removed from entries before being submitted to judges in order to keep the contest fair and impartial. Two panels of judges faced the challenging task of selecting the winners, and for each round the same evaluation form was used for consistency. Ten entries advanced to the final round, which was judged by Pamela Buchmeyer of Dallas and Jupiter, Florida; Mike Farris of Dallas; last year’s winner, Rosanne Gordon of Dallas; and last year’s second-place finisher, Ron Uselton of Sherman.

The winner, “Crowd Work,” by Caryn L. Carson, earned the highest number of points.

Please congratulate these attorney-authors for making it through the competitive first round of judging to the finals.

“Crowd Work,” by Caryn L. Carson (First Place)

“If Wishes Were Clients,” by David Jones (Second Place)

“The Kid’s Gun,” by Blair Dancy (Third Place)

“Frames and Mirrors,” by Daniel Elms

“We All Get Touched,” by Micheal E. Jimerson

“The Coast Theory,” by Charles K. Eldred

“The Ghost of Christmas Presence,” by Steve Fogle

“The Payne Family Tree,” by Claire Smith

“The Case of the Nuncas,” by Jose Angel Gutierrez

“Enter the Darkness,” by Victor H. Segura

Here’s an excerpt from “Crowd Work”:

“With a hand on either side of the sink, Paige leaned towards the mirror of the second floor ladies restroom in the courthouse. ‘This is it,’ she whispered to the face in the mirror. ‘This is the grind. You chose this. Don’t embarrass yourself.’ She checked her watch and re-lipsticked for the third time. Two regrettable blueberry doughnuts she had lifted from the office breakroom still churned along with the familiar butterflies in her stomach. Paige was the appellant’s lawyer in the third case on the docket and would be going up around 11 a.m. She knew better than to miss her spot. She better be in the courtroom when the court clerk called her case.”

The entire story, along with the second and third place winning entries, will be published in the June issue of the Texas Bar Journal.