In the latest episode of the State Bar of Texas Podcast, host Rocky Dhir talks with Dallas entertainment lawyer and author Mike Farris about his career.

State Bar of Texas PodcastDhir and Farris discuss the inspiration behind Farris’ books, such as A Death in the Islands, Poor Innocent Lad, and The Bequest, and take a look at his writing process. The two delve into Fifty Shades of Black & White, which was authored by Farris and Jennifer Pedroza and deals with the Fifty Shades of Grey series and ensuing lawsuit. Farris represented Pedroza, who was the plaintiff in the case.

Farris, a Texas Tech University School of Law graduate, was admitted to the Texas Bar in 1983. He has retired from practicing law and now spends his days writing full-time.

To read John G. Browning’s review of Fifty Shades of Black & White in the February issue of the Texas Bar Journal, go to

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