The 2019 individual health insurance open enrollment period kicked off today. Like last year, this year there is just 45 days to enroll, making the concierge-level customer service available through the Texas Bar Private Insurance Exchange more vital than ever.

The Texas Bar Private Insurance Exchange is designed to help you purchase and compare products offered from leading health insurance providers. Administered by Member Benefits Inc., the exchange is open to members of the State Bar of Texas, their employees, local bar staff, and Texas law students; including spouses, domestic partners, and dependents. It is available for individuals as well as employer groups.

The 2019 open enrollment period runs from November 1 to December 15, 2018, with a coverage effective date of January 1, 2019.


Benefits of using the Texas Bar Private Insurance Exchange include:

  • Concierge-level support and advocacy. Licensed benefits counselors are available to help with any situation that might arise while applying for coverage.
  • One-stop shopping makes it easy to compare benefits and pricing when deciding on the best plan for your needs.
  • More choices for carriers and plan options
  • Complimentary TELADOC subscription with purchase of any product through the Texas Bar Private Insurance Exchange
  • Complimentary $10,000 of Accident Insurance (AD&D)
  • Complimentary Supplemental Health Insurance
  • Virtual enrollment decision support
  • Competitive pricing for individual health insurance and employer group plans in Texas

Whether you’re searching for a better policy or just want to research your options, now is the perfect time. Visit the State Bar of Texas Member Benefits site today to shop for health care plans designed to meet your needs.

Schedule a call with a counselor for creative solutions for individual and group insurance needs.

2019 open enrollment seminars were held in Austin, Dallas, Houston, and San Antonio. Click on the city name to download the slide presentation from each seminar.

Click here to watch an open enrollment webinar titled “Four Creative Strategies—Saving Money on Your Health Insurance.”